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Who we are?

We are a data consultancy firm located in Eindhoven & Amsterdam with a European reach. We use data science and human-centered design to achieve operational excellence for our customers. Explore, Extract, Embed, and Educate is what we do. Explore our customers’ data maturity, extract value out of our customers’ data, embed (Bright Cape proprietary) solutions into our customer’s processes & governance, and educate them to get familiar with data analytics and our solutions. Our main strengths lie in the manufacturing, logistics & warehousing, finance, and banking industries.

Bottom line: We help companies increase their revenue, diminish their costs, and increase their process efficiency through Data Analytics & Science, Human-Centered Design, and Process Mining. Besides, we are constantly working on various astonishing Europe-wide innovation projects which have led to several innovative products.

Bright Cape employees are very diverse but share their excitement for new opportunities and a positive way of thinking. We also greatly value our quarterly team outings, monthly ‘VrijMiBo’s’, Christmas party, heritage days, knowledge shares, and most of all our yearly ski trip.

Are you a lover of data analysis, a code master, a research hero, or a visual king/queen? Are you motivated, dedicated, and enthusiastic about what you do and already excited to participate in our beloved annual ski trip? If so, then we want you!


Contact person: Lindsey van der Lans or Bart Geerts
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